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Reasons to Join VarsityLounge
Posted by Walle Mafolasire at 07:58am, November 22nd 2006


Let's face it, at some point in our college career, we have all been faced with at least one the following scenarios.


1) You have been assigned a paper, some homework or project and just don't know where to start from

2) You are in the middle of your paper, homework or project, you get stuck and just don't know where to get help

3) You are about to plan out what courses to take the following semester but have no clue what to expect in that class

4) You procrastinated on a homework, paper or project or maybe you just under estimated the amount of time it will take and now you don't have enough time to complete it on your own.


These scenarios come in different shapes and forms and that is why we have created VarsityLounge to help you out. It is a place where students can share course-specific study materials and ideas with each other. This web service is offered as a resource for students in need of additional study or test material in order to help them learn more, faster.


How VarsityLounge works for you:


1) You have a paper or project and just don't know where to start from or you procrastinated on a homework, paper or project and now you don't have enough time to complete it on your own.

a. See what fellow students like you have done in similar projects

b. See what they did wrong so you can learn from it


2) You plan on taking a class next semester but don't know if you will find it interesting

a. Peep through notes, teaching slides, from that class to get a feel of it.

b. Practice with old test, and exams from the class to get acquainted with the professor's style of testing.

c. Read other students' class experiences


3) Preparing for MCATs, LSATs or any other professional exams?

a. Use our collection of professionally gathered examination questions to study what is relevant to the exams


Registration is 100% free. Be a member today and put an end to off-target studying. you study smarter!
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Henry at 06:28pm April 25th 2008
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Anne at 07:58am April 26th 2008
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